Monday, January 23, 2012

Make Best Use of the Conference Room

Problem: Given a conference room and a number of presentations with start and end time ( e.g., [4, 9], [5, 10]), try to make an arrangement which allows the conference room to be used for maximum time. Overlapping presentations can't be in the same arrangement.

Solution: We can have a O(nlogn) solution by using DP.  The details are as follows:

  • Sort the presentations by their end time. Thus we will have a sorted array end[N].   N is the number of the presentations.
  • Have an array Max_arr[N].  Max_arr[i] stands for if we take end[i] as the close time for the conference room, the maximum time the room can be used. It is easy to know that  Max_arr[0] = the duration of the presentation that ends at  end[0]. We need to find out Max_arr[N-1].
  • To calculate Max_arr[i], we first get the start time si of the presentation that ends at end[i]. Then we do binary search in end[0] ... end[i-1] for si. Basically we need to find a j such that  end[j] < si &&  end[j+1] > si. Therefore,  Max_arr[i] = max(Max_arr[i-1],  Max_arr[j] + end[i] -  si ).

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